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James Breeze

Chief Experience Officer

Kylie Breeze

Operations Director

Omri Pick

Managing Director - Australia

Arif Cemil Ozcanlar

Managing Director - Singapore

Singapore Team

Mabel Chin

Senior Project Manager

Michelle Goh

Senior UX Consultant

Cleavan Wanlee Whitnell

Project Manager

Lim Zi Kun

UX Designer

Zakhran Khan

UX Consultant

Meryl Morales


Erma Artina

Administrative Assistant

Terence Lim

Front End Developer

Shabir Mohd Bashir

Front End Developer

Tan Jun Hao

Front End Developer

Mary Plumb

UX Intern

Dickson Ang

UX Intern

Australia Team

Alison Williams

Senior UX Consultant

Amandine Tourneux

Senior UX Consultant

Natalie Pauchard

Senior UX Consultant

Geoff Evison

Senior UX Consultant

Shane Solari

UX Research & Design Consultant

Fionna Lin

UX Research Consultant

Scott Burke

UX Research Associate

Michele Edwards

Operations Manager

Charlotte Ng

Recruitment Consultant

Our Story

Our story started in May 2007 in Sydney, Australia. Our initial years of growth were rooted deeply in research, cementing our status as a User Experience agency that combines design with innovative technology, such as eye tracking. 2013 brought us from the Land Down Under to a Little Red Dot.

From startups to government ministries and Fortune 500 companies, we work to uncover key attributes of products and services, refining with each iteration. Our research generates not just qualitative data, but also quantitative data, unwrapping complex challenges to create forward-thinking solutions. Bringing projects from research to front-end development, Objective Experience’s strong team of skilled experts define, design, and develop engaging experiences that establish an interactive relationship between organisation and user.

Part and parcel of our mission to keep our methods ahead of the curve and on the cutting edge is Our Gold Partnership with Tobii Pro (Eye Tracking). Our eye tracking usability testing has proven itself invaluable for multinational organisations, bridging the gap between linguistic and cultural differences.

Objective Experience’s belief in versatility and innovation enhances our ability to keep people at the center of our work. Starting from understanding and shaping product strategy, we listen to experts in the field – you, users, and research.

Always test, even if you think you know the answer

James Breeze, Chief Experience Officer

Our Culture

We are a team of problem solvers seeking to bring delight into user experiences at every touchpoint. We believe in sharing knowledge and ideas, building each other up as individuals and as a community. While we thrive on challenging projects, we balance our lives with coffee, cycling, and video games.