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Objective Experience is an reseller of Tobii Pro’s Eye Tracking hardware and software servicing the APAC region.

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Live viewing, Retrospective interviews and videos

In a lab, moderators can view live gaze-tracking during testing. The gaze-tracking footage can then be shown to the participant after the test to prompt their memory, gleaning greater insights from follow up interviews. The results are then analysed.


See what does and does not get attention, where the gaze lingered, where users expect to find certain features, and how multiple designs compare.


Learn fixation sequence, i.e. the path the eye takes, as well as the length of fixation (larger fixations create larger dots).

Area Specific Analysis

Create specific statistical analysis of areas of interest, including time to first fixation, time spent in each section, percentage of respondents who engaged with certain areas of interest, individual or aggregated data, and viewing behaviour based on demographics.

Understand human behaviour

All hardware comes with 1 year of complimentary support



Designed for the real world, Tobii Pro’s newly launched third-generation wearable eye tracking solution allows you to conduct behavioral research in a wide range of settings. Tobii Pro Glasses 3 delivers robust eye tracking and accurate gaze data while giving users the freedom to move and interact naturally.


Tobii Pro Fusion

Screen-based eye tracker, capturing gaze data at speeds up to 250 Hz. Our next generation of compact high-performance eye trackers, this powerful research system supports from fixation to saccade based research outside of the lab.


Tobii Pro Spectrum

Screen-based eye tracker capturing gaze data at speeds up to 1200 Hz. This high-performance research system provides superior data quality and is designed for extensive research into behavior and eye movements – from fixation-based studies to micro-saccades.


Tobii Pro Nano

A screen-based eye tracker which captures gaze data at 60 Hz and is designed for fixation-based studies. This easy-to-use, robust research system is an ideal entry point for those considering beginning eye tracking research or those wishing to take their eye tracking research out of the lab environment.


Tobii Pro Lab

Pro Lab is the eye tracking software designed for conducting experimental research with Tobii Pro hardware. The flexible platform guides and supports the researcher through the entire research workflow, from simple to complex experiments.

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