Stakeholder Interviews

Uncover each unique perspective on the project in order to ensure that the final product fulfills the expectations and project goals. Together, we understand the business goals and define how success is measured.

Expert Review

Evaluating a user interface’s experience against academic research, design best practices, and lessons learned in the field, we identify and priority every issue and offer actionable recommendations for the short or long term.

Focus Group Discussions

Led by a moderator, these small group discussions allow participants to interact with each other, building on ideas and expanding perspectives The end result reveals participants’ insights, feelings, and perceptions.

User Interviews

Individual interviews allow for probing in-depth into the user experience. The recorded conversation will then be analysed to a more empathetic understanding and greater perspective, informing personas and user journeys.

Usability Testing

By observing how real users complete tasks, our researchers evaluate the ease of use of a product or service. Users’ actions and responses to moderators’ probing help to both validate and refine hypotheses as well as highlight potential opportunities.

Contextual Inquiry

By observing how users behave in their typical, everyday environment, we can uncover patterns and pain points. From there, scenarios, usage patterns, and areas of improvement can be extrapolated.


We use questionnaires, card sorting, and information architecture validation for maximum insights into user behaviours. These techniques can be conducted face-to-face, via phone, online, embedded into a website, or posed to users via social networks.


User Journeys

Mapping the whole experience of a user, the product or service is contextualised. Opportunities to remove pain points and to enhance touch points will be identified, giving insight into not just future designs but also future business opportunities.


By capturing the quintessential profiles, our research team can map their journeys, highlighting the variety of touch points, pain points, and goals as well as the wants and needs of users. These profiles and personas help keep designs grounded on user-centricity.

Competitor Analysis

Profiling and comparing against your direct and indirect competition, our researchers can analyse how your products or services stacks up against usability standard. This establishes what would be required to gain a competitive edge via UX, identifying areas of opportunities.

Information Architecture

Defining the best placement and grouping logic for UI based on the sitemap, research results, and analytics ensures information is reachable for a smoother experience.